Midin: The Sarawak special

March 16, 2007

Sarawak is famous for being stereotyped as under-developed, ulu, sua pa, all those jungle and forest related words you can think of. Now looking down on Sarawak’s jungle and rivers means you are looking for trouble, you could have been beaten up into pulp or even beheaded – Sarawak was known as The Land of Head Hunters.

Do you know why? Well, basically, rivers and forests in Sarawak have huge influence in the lives of the indigenous people where they relied very much on forest for food, medicine, building materials, etc while the rivers serve their purpose to give food, water, sanitation as well as means of transport to the local folks.

Forest fern has a special place in the heart diet of local people. One of which is known as the MIDIN is a MUST when you visit Sarawak.


Midin is something like the pucuk paku but it is not pucuk paku, far from it. Midin grows wild in the secondary forests and is peculiar to the state.

It has curly fronds and is very crunchy even after it has been cooked. Only the tender tips of the fern is used in cooking. It is much sought after for its crisp texture and great taste. In fact, midin is a nutritious vegetable. Midin is uaually served in two equally delicious ways – fried with garlic or belacan. I personally prefer the third way of preparing midin – the Foochow style i.e. fried with ginger and appropriate amount of red wine! The taste is superb!


Today, the midin is widely available in the market. A fist-sized bundle costs less than RM2. We simply love this dish. It is enjoyed by all. A lot of eateries have midin on their menu, usually stir-fried with sambal belacan.

Unfortunately, midin is not fond of travelling so it only stays fresh up to two days after harvesting. Therefore, Sarawak is largely the only place to try midin dishes.


Gluttonous attack on Dim Sum

March 15, 2007

After the Bloggers Together Gather Party, the first blogger that I met took me to this place (I forgot the name) for a Dim Sum breakfast.


The restaurant is located somewhere in this building near the stage here under an escalator


This restaurant has typical Chinese-style decor and the ambience is so cool and comfortable with the live band playing on the stage with soothing music. This gives pure calmness to the soul.


This is how the interior looks like with all the wooden carvings, decorations, tables and chairs.


Even the eating equipment they use is typically Chinese


These were all the food that we ordered. Yes, they were for two person, don’t be so surprised.


Now, let me introduce the dishes one at a time. This yummy-looking fella here is called The Carrot Cake. The deep-fried cake sprinkled with spring onions looks simply delicious and make sure you taste it while its still hot to get the right taste at the right time.


If you love prawns and cheese, this dish is a MUST for you. Wrapped in beancurd skin, fresh prawns and melted cheese are there to greet your tastebuds once you take a bite. The aroma of crispy beancurd mixed with cheesy prawns just spread in your mouth without mercy that you’ll crave for more. I simply love this dish! It’s like having multiple orgasms with every bite you take.


Har Kau is a must for dim sum lovers, no? I couldn’t resist the temptation to get my teeth into this yummylicious har kau. The best har kau is the one with transparent, smooth skin that does not stick to your teeth when you have a bite. Not forgetting the freshness and juiciness of the prawns.


If seafood is your best friend, this dish is irresistible. I cannot remember the name of this dish. This is pure seafood and is wrapped in fried egg. The sliced thing on top of the dim sum is not ginger. They are shark’s fin! A lot of people will agree with me that the freshness of the seafood matters the most. This is just fresh and the taste is beyond description. You have to taste it to believe it.


Sio Bee or Siew Mai always come together with Har Kau, therefore it is a MUST as well. I just love sio bee especially those with tender, spring-y ones everytime you bite into them. Though not the best I’ve tasted so far but you have nothing to lose to taste this one.


The crispy yam with chicken filling. The feeling of bitting into the crunchy and crisy yam layer is simply ecstatic! But the chicken filling inside just so-so only. Main focus is still on the yam.


Char Siew is also a must when you have dim sum. But it is very hard to find the perfect char siew. The char siew here is not what I expected since the other dishes tasted so damn nice. Oh, did I mention that this restaurant is fully HALAL? Now you know, chicken is used instead of pork. So the so-called ‘char siew’ is not up to my expectation.


Last but not least, SEAFOOD PORRIDGE is simply to-die-for. It looked plain and tasteless but when you dig it, you’ll find some huge prawns, scallops and abalone swimming in there somewhere. The porridge taste so good that you’ll give up sex other food altogether. LOL!

Down all that with hot tea. We ordered a pot of chrysanthemum tea. Now, that’s what I call a complete meal. BURPS~!

Damage done: approx. RM100