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The Legendary Crab

March 23, 2007

If you love seafood and you can’t seem to find cheap seafood anywhere, Sibu is THE PLACE for you. But do not mistaken Sibu for THIS:


This is THE PLACE somewhere in Damansara but no, this is not Sibu. *slaps self* What the hell am I rambling about!!!

Now, I said, Sibu is THE PLACE for you to indulge yourself with fresh seafood. You can get them yiu pi, yiu chi, but don’t know many or not lah! Fresh seafood is widely available in the market, restaurants and eatery around Sibu. Well, if you are a sucker for fresh crabs (cooked, of course) there is one place you must visit if you are looking for cheap ones.


Tempting enough?

You get to pay only RM17 for 1kg of crab. Cooked to your taste, you are going to have a great time here. This kopitiam is located near the Sibu Bus Terminal behind the UOB Bank. The whole groundfloor of the building block is conquered by the crab owner. The business is so good here a lot of times you can see families waiting outside the kopitiam just to grab a table to consume this delicious creature. You never know what Sibu people might do just to get a taste of this yummylicious delight.


You can have them cooked in black pepper, Mongolian style (like the one in the picture – sweet and aour), typically foochow style with egg, etc. *drools*

Crabs here are pretty much alive and kicking before they are brutally murdered to satisfy your drumming stomach. But if you straigtaway send them into the boiling water, they will shed their legs and claws and I am sure as hell that they are suffering. You don’t wanna see those suffering yummy little thing, do you? But not killing the crab before you cook them will make the meat tough and they do not taste nice anymore.

Now forget about the slaughtering scene, you wouldn’t want to know. But once the dish is cooked, they’ll serve it straight to your table, hot,┬áso that you can enjoy this to-die-for dish with great abundance! Yes, this kopitiam does provide small hammer for you to knock off people who want to steal your crab crack the shell open to have the heavenly taste of the white tender meat of the crab.


Worry not about getting your fingers messy and all that. That’s the way people eat crab here and it enhances the taste of your crabs! Sibu folks travel long and far (if their house is located at Lanang, Ulu Oya, Teku or anywhere at the end of the town) just to savour this delicious dish! RM17 per kg is so worth it.

*Quickly check Air Asia for the next flight back to Sibu*