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White Lady

May 11, 2007

Met up with my best friend, Cheryl, in Kuching for a lim teh session after dinner one night.


Since I was craving so much for the white-yellowish drink that I saw in Nicole’s blog, I made a helluva lot of noise for Alvin to bring me to have a taste of it. Just so that I stop bugging him for the rest of the week, he brought me there, grumbling all the way.

The White Lady

Marvellous! It’s slightly sourish and milky with longan and a slice of lemon. Just a nice mix and it doesn’t taste weird. The slight touch of soury taste from the lemon made me crave for a second serving.


I love it! It’s cool and refreshing to the body and mind. Sweet~!

Alvin ordered this:


I don’t know why they call it Matterhorn. According to the Kuchingite, they pronounce it as ‘metahon’ in Chinese. If you dig through the ice, you’d find slices of pineapple, laici, some jelly and lime swimming happily in the sweet and sour water, not to mention icy cold.

We ordered some pork satay to go with the drink since they insisted that the satay at this place is damn good.


And the satay is, indeed, as yummy as it looked!

And Cheryl only ate ONE stick. Tsk tsk tsk!

While sipping away happily on my White Lady, a sudden urge of flesh came over me and I blurted, “Hey, I wanna eat Sio Bee at open air!” Both Alvin and Cheryl looked at me as if I was insane. Alvin asked, Sure or not? We just had dinner wan ler. Summore you beat me with 2 servings of rice wor!” I innocently nodded. Cheryl was already shaking her head. But to shut me up, they obliged.

So, singing happily all the way to the other side of the town in Alvin’s blue Suzuki Swift, I got to savour the ever-famous Sio Bee.


We ordered 15 but Cheryl said she only would eat 1 biji. So the rest was up to Alvin and me to savour. Yummy! Now I know why the Sio Bee here is so famous. When you bite into it, you can actually feel the springy sensation of the meat. It is sinfully porky but I’m loving it! I could take all 15 if I haven’t taken dinner.

The gluttonous feast had not ended yet because a couple of hours later, Alvin’s dad called for supper and I had yet another bowl of Kolo Mee. The whole eating spree started at 9pm and ended at 11.30pm! *wipe sweats*