Hong Kong Kim Gary Restaurant

Kim Gary Restaurant is a Hong Kong-style eating outlet and has a chain of restaurants around Asia. My first Kim Gary experience was at Gurney Plaza, Penang. And the Kim Gary experiences after that were all in KL – Sunway Pyramid, Sg. Wang, Mid Valley, The Curve.

The restaurant is always packed especially during lunch hour, high-tea, late evening tea, dinner time and even supper. You have to know the best time to have your meal here so that you do not have to queue up for your seat. Well, this is a good place for you to hang out with your friends for some juicy gossips and catch-ups.

Its Ying Yong is the signature drink here (even though some would opt for its HK Milk Tea)


I never failed to have the ying yong every time I dine here. You can have it either hot or cold according to your preference but my vote will go to the cold one. Someone actually had 2 glasses of cold ying yong while having dinner here. A marriage between coffee and milk tea (as I was told) brings out the special taste that I couldn’t quite describe here. You can actually see the unstirred fresh milk they added into the ying yong when it arrived at our table. The ying yong not only quenches your thirst after that shopping marathon but also satisfying with every sip.


The FRENCH TOAST never failed to disappoint me each time I visited Kim Gary. I was introduced to this fantastic dish since my first Kim Gary experience in Penang and have been hooked ever since.

It is always served hot and fresh from the stove. The slices of bread are dipped in egg and fried to perfect golden brown. This uber sinful dish would definitely left an unforgetable memory on your palate. French Toast is served with an appropriate amount of honey spread all over it. Not forgetting the huge chunk of melting butter on top of the succulent toast.

You wouldn’t resist to savour the aromatic dish right there and then. With the knife on your right hand and a fork on your left, you slice into your toast. Peanut butter and more butter are revealed. Two thumbs up for the chef who is not kiamsiap with the amount of peanut butter and butter inside the toast. Peanut butter and butter with healthy, rather sinful, amount of honey taken with toast is heavenly. Perfect for tea time with a tall glass of ying yong.


3 Responses to “Hong Kong Kim Gary Restaurant”

  1. Alvin Chong Says:

    Waiter, 2 glasses of yin yong and 2 french toast please…. make it fast, I am salivating right now… 😛

  2. Rose Says:

    OMG.. French Toast looks so yummy… am so hungry 😛

    Clare: You should try it

  3. Michelle Says:

    You’re lucky that you are able to grab some pictures in Kim Gary. They were threatening me to throw the camera away when I did that…

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