Luxurious Dim Sum Treat

If you have actually gone to Genting Highland (not those who went there to gamble) and loiter around, cam-whoring like there’s no tomorrow at the First World Hotel area, you’d come across this high class restaurant:

Restoran Ah Yat Abalone Forum

This is how the inside of the restaurant looks like:


Almost everything in the restaurant is white – the tablecloth, the chair, the wall, the lighting, the spoon, chopsticks, plates, etc and it looks very clean. It gives me a serene feeling while I enjoyed my dim sum.


I remember blogging about dim sum in my very first post which was a halal feast. However, this time, I was spoilt for taste with the real non-halal dim sum and this are what dim sum supposed to taste like.

First and foremost, this came first:


The TURNIP CAKE which was pan-fried to be crispy on the outside and soft on the inside must be taken while it was still hot to tempt your tastebuds to crave for more.


The Mini EGG TART. They looked as mini as the name indicated on the menu. Freshly baked and served to you right away. The taste is marvellous! Not too sweet, not too fulfilling and no, you won’t get too full after only 1 tart. The tart, man, so crispy and crunchy that I’m practically wiping away my saliva while typing this. LOL!


PORK ROLLED IN BEANCURD SKIN. The thin beancurd skin looks so tempting, isn’t it? Wait till you bite into the beancurd. The springy sensation on your teeth is there to ensure you that you won’t regret your every bite. You will then bite into the crunchiness of the vegetables in the rolls. That’s when the aromatic taste of pork blends in. Dip into the sticky sauce and savour it with like there’s no tomorrow. The porky inside will eventually make you smarter (especially for those like me who are ‘imprisoned’ in an anti-porky territory and you can actually feel your brain depleting).


DEEP FRIED YAM WITH PORK. This looks tempting even from the picture. The taste is beyond description when you first bite into it and you’d think that you are in heaven. This is one heck of a deep fried yam that you should not miss. You got to taste it to understand what I meant. This dish is simply delicious. I could not find any word to describe it.


As I’ve said earlier, your dim sum is not complete without the HAR KAU. And this har kau is made to perfection with its transparent skin and the fresh prawn trapped inside with a little bit of tender pork. Nothing can beat fresh prawns in har kau. Well, need I say more?


I also said that SIO BEE or SIU MAI always come together with har kau and your meal is not complete without sio bee either. Pork sio bee remains the top of the chart. Nothing can beat the pork especially the tender pork. The orange thingy on top of the sio bee is not the usual carrot. Those are salmon’s egg, the ones you have on the sushi. Simply delicious!


PORK IN RICE ROLL. I only had slight idea of how and what rice sheet s until then. With bits of pork inside the rolls, the taste is superb when taken with the aromatic sauce that you’d even think of licking the plate clean when no one is looking. LOL!!!


Last but not least, and one of the best, the SHARK FIN SIO BEE contained shark fin, of course! Dip into the belacan sauce in the picture and savour it with great gusto. You’d think that there will be no more tomorrow.

Dim sum here is of course better than the dim sum I took at the JW Mariot at Bukit Bintang because of the porky element. And the belacan sauce here at Ah Yat is indeed more aromatic and yummier then the JW Mariot one. We had 3 servings of belacan with all the dim sum above.

The service they have here is as high class as the restaurant. I was treated like a queen all the time I was in the restaurant (indeed, I am, The Glutton Queen…LOL!!!)

Damage done: Less than RM70


2 Responses to “Luxurious Dim Sum Treat”

  1. clementwong Says:

    its tat cheap?

  2. Clare Says:

    No lor…coz we did not eat much that day compared to the JW Mariot one…

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