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Philippines’ Sua Tu Ka

March 27, 2007

This is obviously non-halal and the taste is incomparable!


The Philippines’ Pork Leg is the most delicious thing in this kopitiam. Well, this is the same kopitiam that serve the crabs in my previous post. This dish is quite big for two persons but it would be perfect for the whole family.

The tu ka is roasted crispy on the outside but tender and juicy on the inside. It is marinated before being roasted. The crispy and aromatic skin of the tu ka is the most sought after part. Best taken with rice. Dip the tender and juicy meat into their special sauce and savour it without the care for the world, you’ll be in heaven!


It is advisable to suck clean the meat and tendons around the huge bones, they taste as nice. What do you do with the huge bones? Well, I’d advise you to use it to crack open the crab shell with it (if you are not provided with the small hammer)

No, this super-licious porky does not have fat layer under the skin like the usual porky you cook at home because, first of all, it is roasted to crisp and I guess that drains out all the unwanted fat. Savour it while it is hot and you are so going to have the greatest time in heaven. You are sure to beg to come back for this finger-licking tasty tu ka in no time!