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Sibu signature crown of glory: Kampua

March 19, 2007

Gather around again, my dear Sibu kia…

This is the moment we have all been waiting for. The sight of it makes the almost-asleep you awake immediately. The smell of it, man, you just cannot resist. *Drools. The taste of it is purely heaven!


Yet another Foochow delight, this mouth-watering dish has put Sibu on Sarawak’s map. When you mention Kampua, people will think Sibu. This ever popular dish has made its way throughout Malaysia but the best Kampua is still the Kampua found back home i.e. Sibu.

A lot of myth has come about this innocent Kampua Mee. People thought Kampua Mee is something like kon loh meen in Peninsular Malaysia. The truth is, far from it. The structure, the taste, the ingrdients, etc are totally different. Another misconception about this dish is that Kampua Mee is another version of Kuching Kolo Mee. Well, something like that, but still far from the truth.


Widely available in almost every kopitiam in Sibu, you can order your Kampua to your taste. You can opt for the plain light soy sauce or black soy sauce, with or without the sliced char siew, or┬ásubstitute with bian sit (wantan). A plate of this lard-laden noodle is only RM1.80 with char siew and RM1.50/RM1.60 without char siew. Cheap isn’t it? Where else can you find such cheap dish?

Sibu kias far away from home usually crave for Kampua when they are away. And they must down a plate of this delicious spring-y mee upon touchdown of the plane on the runway. LOL!!! True or not? Kampua mee has indeed find its place in the heart of Sibu kias, young or old.

They say a picture says a thousand words. I am sure Sibu kias have a lot to say about Kampua so I won’t say much about it here except that: YOU HAVEN’T SAVOURED SIBU UNTIL YOU HAVE TAKEN KAMPUA!

I am so going to fly back to Sibu first thing tomorrow morning liao. DANG!

*Best Kampua in Sibu:
– Sing Long Cafe (behind Rejang Medical Centre)
– Choon Seng Cafe (new block at Sg. Merah, the best Sarawak Laksa is also there)
– A kopitiam behind Technique Music school at Jalan Pedada on the way to hospital
– Aloha Corner (also got best Sarawak Laksa here – but I think the Kampua so so only lor)