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Sarawak Laksa Indulgence

March 17, 2007

Hear ye, hear ye!

Sarawakians will definitely agree with me that Sarawak Laksa is the best laksa in the world. Because you either like it or love it! LOL!!!

The state’s signature dish must be dished up pipping hot in a crowded, noisy and dirty kopitiam anywhere in Sarawak, be it Kuching, Sibu, Bintulu or Miri (just to name a few).


Take one bowl of this delicious thick soup gravy, whose primary ingredient is the santan also known as coconut milk as well as enough amount of pungent spices, you will go straight to heaven! Hahaha! But cardiologists will have nigtmares for weeks! The amount of cholesterol swimming in the yummy soup will make them go crazy I am sure. Now, I do not want to spoil your mood to crap about health conscious bullshits, let us just concentrate on the dish alright?

Sarawak Laksa is the quintessential kopitiam dish. It is also one of the most sublime breakfasts known to man. The typical noodle used in the laksa is freshly made vermicelli (say vermicelli and nobody knows what you are talking about) a.k.a. bee hoon or any other noodle to your preference but I personally love it with you mee (the noodle for mee goreng)


This mouth-watering delight are garnished with generous helpings of sliced omelette or egg, fresh prawns, shredded chicken meat. Usually served with small platlet containing a lime and a spoonful of belacan. Laksa-eating expert always squeeze the lime into the belacan to mix them up before pouring the pungent mixture into the laksa before savouring them.

Sarawak Laksa is nothing like Penang Laksa or any laksa found in Peninsular Malaysia. I mean, they are nothing if compare to Sarawak Laksa. Sarawakians, agree or not? *flashing peace sign. The taste is beyond description. I wonder why a lot of folks from the Peninsular Malaysia raised an eyebrow or smirked when I mention that the gravy of the Sarawak Laksa is made of santan. Hah! That is REAL food ok!

I have to say this: You have not savoured Sarawak until you have tasted Sarawak Laksa.

*Laksa lover’s guide to Sibu:
– Aloha Corner (opposite Guardian Pharmacy near Tai Kiong)
– Choon Seng Cafe (the first kopitiam at the new block in Sungai Merah)
– above Central Market

*Laksa lover’s guide to Kuching:
– Chong Choon Cafe (Abell Road, opposite Maybank)
– Choon Hui Cafe (Ban Hock Road, near Grand Continental Hotel)
– Min Hong Kee (Pandungan Road, past the police station)
– Kapit Cafeteria (Pandungan Road, below Kapit Hotel)
– Tiger Garden Laksa (Jalan Green Hill, opposite Chinese Primary School)

*For more information, ask the locals, they know which one is the best. Do NOT consult the travel brochures. The Tourism Board knows nuts about this kind of things.